Moody photo by my bud  Kevin Serna .

Moody photo by my bud Kevin Serna.

Current Top Five (In no particular order):

  • Dumb and Dumber

  • Goodfellas

  • Call Me by Your Name

  • Almost Famous

  • Magnolia

  • Bonus: Heavyweights

    This will probably change tomorrow.

Hello (not going to write this thing in third person).

Where I’ve been:

I’m a Michigan-raised, Michigan-educated filmmaker. I think my filmmaking aspirations began when my dad took me to see Saving Private Ryan when I was six years old (thanks Dad). Also probably because of the large VHS collection he kept in the garage (again, thanks Dad).

During college, I studied Microbiology and Film at Michigan State University and graduated in 2014. Why Microbiology? I originally thought being a scientist was in my future, but I’m glad to have discovered film.

Where I’m at:

After school I moved to Chicago looking for work and haven’t looked back since. I’ve completed projects ranging from narrative to commercial. For clients you’ve probably heard of and some you definitely have not.

Since living here, I’ve built an amazing network with some incredible people and am always eager to collaborate on new projects.

Where I’m going:

I have my eye on more narrative film. I love the process of creating a world for your characters to live in and your audience to experience. Also, film sets tend to be like summer camp and I always wished I could’ve gone to one when I was younger.

Reasons you may want to work with me:

-I'm a Midwesterner. That’s about as salt of the earth as you can get.

-I'm college educated. My time at MSU taught me how to be resourceful both on and off film sets.

-I'm pretty easy to spend a work day with. Who are you gonna want to be around when we’re going into hour 14? Refer back to the first bullet point.

-Critical thinker. Not just a high school buzzword. Pretty decent at solving problems. The positives keep piling up.