Where I’ve been:

I’m a Michigan-raised, Michigan-educated filmmaker. I think my filmmaking aspirations sparked from the VHS collection that my Dad kept in our garage. Those movies inspired me to want to learn the magic behind them.

During college, I studied Microbiology and Film at Michigan State University and graduated in 2014.

Where I’m at:

After school I moved to Chicago looking for work and haven’t looked back since. I’ve completed projects ranging from narrative to commercial. For clients you’ve probably heard of and some you definitely have not.

This last year I’ve completed over a dozen short films as a DP and since then my focus has been on completing more narrative projects.

When I’m not filming, I’m probably taking photos.

Where I’m going:

I have my eye set on DP’ing a feature film this next year. I love the process of creating a world for your characters to live in and your audience to experience. Also, film sets tend to be like summer camp and I always wished I could’ve gone to one when I was younger…

Current Top Five (In no particular order):

  • Dumb and Dumber

  • Goodfellas

  • Call Me by Your Name

  • Almost Famous

  • Magnolia

  • Bonus: Heavyweights

    This will probably change tomorrow.